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   Brazil  -  meatpacking


Workers at global
meatpacking giant FRIBOI
secure an agreement


The agreement was reached at the Mato Grosso do Sul plant, with significant gains for workers.


In the agreement the workers obtained a 4.36 percent raise to compensate inflation plus a real salary increase of 2.64 percent, amounting to a total adjustment of 7 percent. The salary floor increased by 12 percent and the Participation in Profits and Income benefit was raised to a fixed sum of 1,680 reais (US$ 893).

Workers also secured the implementation of the Health Plan and a basic food basket stipend of 110 reais (US$ 58). 

Organizing is the key

“We achieved these gains because the workers at FRIBOI organized and were determined to fight and give it their all,” Vilson Gregório, president of FTIA/MS and Bovine Area Coordinator at the National Confederation of Food and Agroindustry Workers (CONTAC), said.


40-hour workweek: a major gain 

CONTAC workers in the meatpacking sector obtained a significant gain with the attainment of the 40-hour workweek. The workers at FRIBOI-BERTIN, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul were the first workers in the food sector and among the first in all the categories of Brazil’s United Workers’ Federation (CUT) to win the struggle to reduce the workweek to 40 hours without suffering salary cuts.


More gains 

The workers at the BOI VERDE and DIPLOMATA meatpacking companies also reached an agreement reducing their workday. The agreement covers 4,500 workers.


It doesn’t end here 

It doesn’t end here: "We don’t want to conclude any of the remaining agreements without including a clause reducing the workweek to 40 hours,” Vilson Gregório, president of the Federation of Food Workers of Mato Grosso do Sul, said.


2010: the goal is the 40-hour workweek for all

“We’re starting the first negotiations for 2010, which include BRASIL FOODS. Our main goal is to improve wages and cut work hours to 40 hours a week,” said Siderlei de Oliveira, president of the Confederation.




National Confederation of Food and Agroindustry Workers

May 24, 2010




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