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With Wilson Montero

Combative picketing at Unilever plant





The mobilization held yesterday, Wednesday 16, by the Union of Workers of Unilever Caribe (SITRAUC) in front of the company’s industrial plant, received the mass support of the workers and was widely covered by several local press media.



Wilson Montero, SITRAUC president, informed Sirel that the picketing and the response from the public have caused some irritation in Unilever Caribe’s managment. “We’ve received several telephone calls from the Human Resources department to inform us that both the president and the general manager of the company are currently traveling, but that they have expressed their intention to meet with the union’s Governing Committee. We have been waiting for this promise to materialize, or at least for management to set a date for the meeting, but so far we’ve had no more news,” Montero said.


If there are no changes in the current situation, we have another picketing demonstration planned, this time in front of the administrative offices of Unilever Caribe, which could be held tomorrow, Friday 18, or next Monday 21.


We’ll continue reporting on any new developments.


From Montevideo, Carlos Amorín
July 17, 2008





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