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In the framework of this international solidarity campaign, IUF-affiliated organizations from various sectors are expressing their support to Pakistan’s Lipton Tea workers and denouncing the continuous violation of the rights of these workers, who have been with Unilever for years and are still employed as “temporaries” under a “no work, no pay” scheme. 


Thursday, June 25


In Uruguay, representatives of the Union of Coca-Cola Workers (STCC), the Maltería Oriental Trade Union Center (CGMO), the Union of Rural and Related Industry Workers from the South of the Country (UTRASURPA), and the IUF Latin American Regional Office marched to the facilities of Unilever Uruguay where they delivered a letter in support of the IUF International Solidarity Campaign.






Thursday, June 25


In Chile, workers gathered in the National Federation of Trade Unions of Unilever Chile (FENASIUN) expressed their support at the last Assembly of the Federation.





Monday, June 22


Workers members of several rural unions affiliated to the IUF -in Uruguay- included information on the campaign in the discussion agendas for their assemblies and have given their support by signing a joint document and sending a letter to Unilever Management.





              June 30, 2009




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