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With Melquíades de Araújo

Negotiations in Unilever Valinhos at a deadlock


Melquíades de Araújo, president of the Federation of Food Industry Workers of São Paulo (FETIASP), spoke with SIREL and explained the reasons for the deadlock in the negotiations with the transnational corporation.


-What are the reasons for the current deadlock in negotiations?

-What happened is that, after several meetings, management at Unilever Valinhos, a locality of the state of São Paulo, decided it would not continue bargaining, without improving its offer of 7.5 percent wage increase.


The union is asking for a 9 percent increase, taking into account that inflation was 6.3 percent for the period and that most of the state’s workers in the sector have obtained wage improvements similar or equal to the percentage we demand.


-Has negotiating with Unilever always been hard?

-This company is the only one among FETIASP’s unions where negotiations are conducted directly between union representatives and management.


All the other companies in the sector negotiate at the state level. We usually have no problem reaching agreements with Unilever, but the current difficulties coincide with the change in human resource manager.


-What steps will FETIASP take?

-We have a hearing scheduled at the Labor Ministry, where we will try to reach an agreement with the company.


If the outcome is not positive, the union, backed by the federation, will give the company a 72-hour deadline as established by law, and if the company doesn’t respond, we will launch a strike for an indefinite period of time.



From Montevideo, Amalia Antúnez


July 19, 2011






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