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With Manuel de Jesús Sosa

No country can be governed without the people


The National Agricultural Institute Workers’ Union (SITRAINA), an IUF affiliate, is participating actively in the resistance against the coup. Contacted by Sirel, its president, Manuel de Jesús Sosa, cleared up rumors and provided first-hand information on the current situation in Tegucigalpa.


-We received information that two SITRAINA (National Agricultural Institute Workers’ Union) activists had been seized by the police. Can you confirm this?

-There are workers throughout the country mobilizing to restore democracy and reinstate President Manuel Zelaya in office. Right now two of our unionists who had traveled with a group of workers to El Paraíso, on the border with Nicaragua, were stopped near Danlí by the police, who tried to seize them. They were able to escape and took refuge in the home of some friends. They’re virtually being held hostage, as they can’t leave the house and the police and the army won’t let them return to the capital or continue on their way to El Paraíso, where there are many people completely isolated, trapped between two military posts, without food, shelter or medical care.


-Where are you now?

-Right now we’re on our way to Tegucigalpa, where we have occupied our National Agricultural Institute, and nobody is going to work. The Union of Beverage and Related Industry Workers (STIBYS) is also blocking several avenues near its headquarters, which was targeted yesterday in an attack. The whole city is paralyzed, with many other sites occupied and streets blocked.


-How are people holding up  and what do they expect will happen in the next few days?

-Morale is very high, not just among us, but among all Hondurans, who are massively resisting the coup. And the de facto government has realized that despite its threats and killings, we’re not giving in. Some of our unionists have reached the border and crossed over to support President Zelaya in Nicaragua. Here, people are protecting Radio Globo* and Canal 36, because they’re the only press media that are reporting truthfully; the rest are all lying and denying what the Honduran people are being subjected to. The country is under a state of siege, but what we’re also seeing is a peaceful insurrection. No country can be governed without the people. This coup cannot be allowed to succeed because it would be devastating not only for us but for every country of Latin America.



From Montevideo, Carlos Amorín


July 27, 2009







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