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Letter from IUF Latin America to Honduran de facto president
Roberto Micheletti 




Regional Latinoamericana
Unión Internacional de Trabajadores de la Alimentación,
Agrícolas, Hoteles, Restaurantes, Tabaco y Afines (Rel-UITA)



Argentino Geneiro

Neuza Barbosa

Carolina Llanos

Héctor Ponce

Silvia Villaverde

Alberto Broch

Siderlei de Oliveira

Luis A. Pedraza

Guillermo Rivera

Edwin Ranchos

Gerardo Iglesias
Secretario Regional

Montevideo, July 17, 2009



Mr. Roberto Micheletti,


We are writing you on behalf of our 375 affiliated organizations from 120 countries to express our repudiation of and alarm over the recent incidents occurred in Honduras, in particular, the killing of journalist Gabriel Fino Noriega, who was gunned down on Friday, July 3, as he left his place of work, the death of young activist Isis Obed Murillo, fatally wounded at a rally near the airport on Sunday, July 5, and the murder of Roger Bados, resistance leader and former unionist, slain on Saturday, July 11, in San Pedro Sula.


Our International Organization is investigating the death of Bados, who was reportedly killed by a group of masked gunmen, employing the same methods used by the infamous “death squads” that terrorized Honduras in the 1970s and 1980s.


Moreover, we categorically reject the various forms of silencing and gagging imposed by the de facto government on any media that refuses to support the coup.


In the past few days, foreign journalists have been “visited” by security forces in their hotels. Correspondents of Telesur, Reuters, VTV of Venezuela, and other foreign media were arrested and held in police stations for several hours. According to our sources in Honduras, last weekend the press teams of Telesur and VTV were again forced out of their hotels and intimidated into leaving Honduras at once.


For these reasons, and as we are certain that the Honduran people will continue mobilizing against the coup, staging peaceful demonstrations in streets and highways throughout the country, we greatly fear that the government is preparing to intensify its actions against the opposition and wants no witnesses present to report on its escalating repression.


This has been the traditional modus operandi of the fascist dictatorships that have ruled Latin America in the past -apparently an inspiration for the dictatorship you inaugurated by ousting President José Manuel Zelaya-, which consists of fabricating incidents and perpetrating attacks on themselves to justify their use of indiscriminate violence and State terrorism.


The media’s presence and ability to work without restrictions does not only entail the free exercise of the right to inform and be informed. Under the present circumstances it represents a guarantee of the collective and individual safety of the people of Honduras.


We inform you that we are preparing to call on institutions and personalities around the world to intervene and actively support, with words and through actions, the efforts to keep international press media in Honduras and to guarantee the personal safety of the journalists that are reporting on the situation.


There can be no dialogue, nor mediation of any kind, while the people are held hostage and threatened at gunpoint, while international press media are harassed and thrown out of the country.


Only those illegitimately in power fear the truth.






Gerardo Iglesias

IUF Latin American Regional Secretary



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