With Norberto Latorre

We want a global framework
agreement for the HRCT sector


At the end of the “Spanish Hotel Chains in Latin America and Union Rights” Conference, recently held in Buenos Aires, Norberto Latorre, Secretary of Finances of the Union of Tourism, Hotel and Food Service Workers of Argentina (UTHGRA), and President of the Global HRCT Group of the IUF, assessed the results of the event for Sirel..


“We came together to examine the situation of the Spanish chains in Latin America, although, as expected, we quickly came to the conclusion that the situation here is almost identical to that of the other chains in the sector.


In this age of globalization it is always hard to find where the source of a transnational corporation is in order to identify interlocutors at the international level. Now we’ve learnt that the leading Spanish hotel chains have formed an association, which we will try to dialogue with, to work towards a framework agreement that will bring working and wage conditions for all up to the levels enjoyed by the employees who are in the best conditions,” Latorre informed.


“We’ve heard various demands, some of which are truly dramatic because of the way in which several hotels exploit their workers –he continued–, and therefore we have to get companies to use a similar scale for all their employees, regardless of where they work, be it Chile, Spain, or Indonesia, even though we are aware that there are slight differences from one reality to another.


Now the event is over and we have assigned several tasks, both for the IUF’s Regional Secretariat and for me, in my capacity as President of the Global HRCT Group. We will take all this to the next meeting of the IUF Steering Group that acts in the leading hotel chains, and it will surely enrich the project we have on an international level.”


“I would like to thank the CCOO for their collaboration, through Fernando Medina, and Sweden’s LO-TCO, who have made this conference possible. I also want to congratulate Enildo [Iglesias] on his excellent report, and thank all the participants who responded to our call, as these events allow us to move forward fast to attain our common goals,” he concluded.



From Montevideo, Carlos Amorín

September 29, 2008






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