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Responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism is possible


The IUF will be part of the delegation representing workers at the First International Congress on Ethics and Tourism convened by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), to be held in Madrid on September 15 and 16, 2011. The inaugural address will be delivered by former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.



As president of the Global Committee of the IUF’s Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Tourism Workers Professional Department (HRCT), I will have the honor of representing our international organization at this significant event.


It’s the first time ever that a workers’ delegate will be participating as a speaker at an international debate such as this.


This congress is a major event because it aims to bring together all of the sector’s stakeholders: businesses, governments and workers.


For us it is vital to continue bringing to the fore issues such as social corporate responsibility of the companies of the sector, freedom of association, decent work and the implementation of new models that promote sustainable tourism, natural resource conservation and respect for receiving communities.


It is greatly absurd to see large hotel chains investing enormous sums of money to build mega-hotels while at the same time destroying ecosystems and violating citizen and community rights.


As a representative of the IUF, my focus will be on decent work, as well as on the role that the sector’s businesses must play in the ethical challenges  faced by tourism today.


We need to concentrate our efforts on demonstrating that sustainable and ethical tourism is possible, on combating sex tourism and the unsustainable use of water resources and electric power sources, and on promoting non-discrimination for trade unions in tourism.


We’re working on proposals for States to implement policies that will grant greater credit facilities for businesses that respect workers’ rights, natural resources and the environment.


In order to develop these proposals, everyone involved in the sector’s chain of production needs to work together.


From Buenos Aires, Norberto Latorre


August 2, 2011






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