Rel-UITA - ITF Joint Declaration

CALVO International Campaign


Responding to the yearlong conflict in the CALVO Group El Salvador plant, triggered by the company’s unjustified layoffs and antiunion actions, and reinforcing the global campaign of solidarity with SGTIPAC workers in defense of their human rights, the free exercise of their right to organize and their freedom of association, the undersigned International Federations hereby demand:


·         The immediate commencement of negotiations based on the voluntary expression by the CALVO Group of its willingness to negotiate with SGTIPAC to reach a Collective Work Agreement.

·         The immediate signing by CALVO of a Collective Work Agreement acceptable to the ITF, in every ship flying a flag of convenience owned or operated by the CALVO company.

·         The unrestricted observance of Human Rights, including the freedom of association, in all of its plants and vessels worldwide, and especially in El Salvador. This demand requires in particular that the company stop promoting parallel, pro-management unions that do not represent the interests of workers.

·         That any plan that includes job cuts and/or new plant relocations outside of Spain be negotiated with the Spanish unions with transparency and in good faith.


We ask the financial entities, such as COFIDES and IGAPE, which have funded CALVO operations, and which have emphasized the importance of social responsibility, to urgently intervene and provide their good offices for the discussion and achievement of the demands set forth.


To the government of El Salvador, we demand that it immediately comply with and enforce ILO Conventions 87 and 98, which is their obligation as a full member of the ILO.


For our part, we guarantee the unconditional solidarity and support to SGTIPAC from our affiliate organizations with a combined membership of 7 million, including CALVO workers from around the world, both on land and in the sea.


Buenos Aires, November 30




December 4, 2007


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