With Marcos Araujo

Workers of Arcor and PepsiCo organized


Trade unions and companies unable to reach agreements and negotiations at a standstill in the State of Sao Paulo


Sirel spoke with the President of the Campinas Food Industry Workers Union (“SITAC”), Marcos Araújo, in order to know about the current state of the negotiations with Arcor and PepsiCo Snacks.


According to Araújo, the SITAC started its organization with Meetings at the factory’s entrance following the unsuccessful three rounds of negotiations held which are now at a standstill.  


“Since these instances involve groups throughout the whole country, the representative of workers from this and other companies in the sector being the Food Industry Workers’ Federation (FETIASP), and because the only proposal by the companies so far has been turned down by workers, who deemed it insufficient, the Unions whose bases include these companies started organizing as a way of breaking the deadlock.”



“To both Arcor and PepsiCo, said Araújo, ‘we’re claiming a wage increase of 8 per cent, a base salary of 1,200 Reales (equivalent to approximately 590 dollars), and a 90-Reales basic food basket (around 45 dollars), in addition to the clauses on the Share of Gains and Profits, and other social benefits.”


Next Monday October 1st has been set as the date for a new round of negotiations to start. “If we don’t reach an agreement”, said the union leader, “we will most likely start a work stoppage at these companies”.




From Montevideo, Amalia Antúnez


October 1, 2012





Photo: SITAC


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