The strike began in late August and continues due to the intransigent stance of oil palm operators and the national government’s failure to enforce the law


By filling out the form below, you will be sending the attached letter to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and giving your support to the International Campaign for Decent Work in Oil Palm Plantations.



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To the President of the Republic of Colombia


Dr. Juan Manuel Santos


I am writing you to give my support to the strike staged by oil palm workers in Puerto Wilches, department of Santander, and to back the struggle of the National Union of Agroindustry Workers (SINTRAINAGRO) to eliminate Associated Work Cooperatives, an outsourcing scheme that is responsible for spreading job insecurity, poverty and hunger in Colombia’s rural areas.


Moreover, I ask you to intervene immediately and take action to support SINTRAINAGRO’s efforts to secure a new collective bargaining agreement that contemplates its just and legitimate demands.



Sincerely yours,



              October 2011


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