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Official commitment to ensure INCASA-SITINCA agreements are observed and enforced


After the meeting held last October 20 in the city of Atlanta, the IUF and the Coca-Cola Company signed a memorandum endorsing the January 2006 agreement between the Guatemalan bottler INCASA and SITINCA/FESTRAS, thus giving this agreement full official status.


This significant statement, which ratifies the terms of the agreement reached in Guatemala, was signed by Ed Potter, Global Labor Relations Director at The Coca Cola Company, and Ron Oswald, IUF General Secretary, and reads as follows:



IUF and Coca-Cola joint memorandum in relation to agreement reached on January 31, 2006 at INCASA Coca-Cola bottler in Guatemala.


At the meeting between the IUF and Coca-Cola held in Atlanta on October 20, 2006 both parties again took note of the agreement reached on January 31, 2006 between INCASA (a local franchised bottler in Guatemala) and SITINCA/FESTRAS (the IUF affiliate in Guatemala). This agreement guarantees unions rights following a period of labour conflict (agreement attached as annex).


Recognizing the importance of this agreement, coming as it does after a sustained period of confrontation, the IUF and Coca-Cola have agreed to maintain close contact with their respective local counterparts and to take urgent action in the event there are allegations of any breach of the local agreement.




The need for this ratification arose from the persistent and severe violations of labor and union rights by the bottler INCASA, despite the agreements signed. The proposal to endorse the January 2006 agreement was made in Atlanta by David Morales, General Secretary of FESTRAS, in representation of and backed by Rel-UITA.


The next step will be for INCASA to implement the agreements -without tricks or hesitations-, under the vigilant and committed watch of The Coca Cola Company and the IUF who will guarantee their enforcement.


According to recent information provided by David Morales, these new guidelines have not yet been heard by the general manager of INCASA, Jaime Alberto Osorio López, who last October 25 held a meeting of “Solidarismo” in Huehuetenango to discourage workers from joining the union, while last Sunday 12 bonuses were distributed to those who agreed to join the “solidarismo” movement, an act which is interpreted as a bribe aimed at keeping workers out of the union.


Despite these continued anomalies, the workers of SITINCA, the Trade Union Federation of Food, Agroindustry and Related Industry Workers of Guatemala (FESTRAS), and Rel-UITA are still very confident that the agreements ratified in Atlanta will soon be fully in force in Guatemala and will be legally applied in practice.


Rel-UITA welcomes the commitment undertaken and will exert its best and greatest efforts to keep watch and ensure that it is fully implemented.

Gerardo Iglesias

© Rel-UITA

November 16, de 2006






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