Conflict at Cervecería Hondureña

SAB-Miller / Coca-Cola wants to lay off 300 workers


The Union of Beverage and Related Industry Workers (STIBYS) is occupying the Cervecería Hondureña (SAB-Miller & Coca-Cola) plant located in San Pedro Sula. The measure responds to layoff threats from the company, who initially announced it would fire 17 distributor sector workers, and has now added 300 workers from the sales sector.



Cervecería Hondureña is trying to create a conflict to conceal its refusal to respond to STIBYS’ demands, using false accusations and very aggressive language -“If they want war, then they’ll have war,” was the manager’s response to the Union’s agenda, which he discarded like garbage.


Since October 2008, the Union has been proposing an agenda for talks with Management, which focuses on certain stipulations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in January 2008 that are not being met. Cervecería Hondureña has been continuously stalling and refusing to negotiate. The last trick it pulled was to show up at a Meeting with the Union demanding that Management’s own agenda -containing false accusations and layoff threats- be discussed first.


STIBYS appealed to the Ministry of Labor, who could only draw up a document recording the disagreement between the parties. The next day Management started sending layoff notices by telegram. Today, a total of 21 workers have been laid off.


The Union decided to halt production, and a large group of workers have occupied the plant. Faced with what it sees as a “war declaration” from the company, STIBYS says it will not give in and blames Cervecería Hondureña for whatever consequences the conflict may bring.


Rel-UITA will continue to follow the situation closely and report on any developments.


From Montevideo, Carlos Amorín
February 10, 2009






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