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In reaction to the murder of Daniel Aguirre, General Secretary of the National Union of Sugarcane Cutters

Letter from IUF Latin America

to the President of SINALCORTEROS


Regional Latinoamericana
Unión Internacional de Trabajadores de la Alimentación, Agrícolas, Hoteles, Restaurantes, Tabaco y Afines (Rel-UITA)



Norberto Latorre
UTHGRA  Argentina


Luis A. Pedraza
UNAC  Colombia


Neuza Barbosa
CNTA  Brasil 


Carolina Llanos
UATRE  Argentina 


Héctor Ponce
ATILRA  Argentina


Silvia Villaverde


David Morales
FESTRAS  Guatemala


da Costa Luna
CONTAG  Brasil


Siderlei Oliveira
CONTAC  Brasil


Guillermo Rivera


Wendy Yadira Chavarría Mejía
FESTRAS  Guatemala


Eduardo Esquivel
STIE  México


María Dafur


Gerardo Iglesias
Secretario Regional





Montevideo, April 29, 2012


Alfonso Viafara


Municipality of Florida

Valle del Cauca





Dear Alfonso,


Through this letter we wish to express our deepest solidarity and most heartfelt condolences for the vile murder of our fellow unionist and general secretary of your Union, DANIEL AGUIRRE PIEDRAHITA, committed on April 27.


We had the privilege of meeting DANIEL in the heat of the battle as SINALCORTEROS staged a 58-day-long strike, which began in late 2008 and ended in February 2009.  


There we saw him in action, supporting workers and their families with his solidarity and passionate and class-based message.


DANIEL was murdered at a time when union actions are moving forward and succeeding in the struggle against outsourcing and Associated Work Cooperatives and as SINTRAINAGRO amended its bylaws to include sugar laborers members of your Union.


We understand that the best way to honor DANIEL AGUIRRE’s life and dedication to the cause is to continue and further his struggle to dignify rural work and promote political and food sovereignty in Colombia.


From IUF Latin America we will contribute to your efforts to see that this horrible homicide is properly investigated and that the perpetrators, both direct and indirect, are brought to justice.


Dear Alfonso, please receive our warmest sympathies, which we extend to DANIEL’s family and our other fellow unionists at SINALCORTEROS.


With solidarity,




Ron Oswald

IUF General Secretary


Norberto Latorre

President of the Latin American Executive Committee of the IUF


Luis Alejandro Pedraza  

Vice President of the Latin American Executive Committee of the IUF


Gerónimo Venegas

President of the Global Professional Group of Agricultural Workers of the IUF


Guillermo Rivera Zapata

Latin American Executive Committee of the IUF


Artur Bueno de Camargo

President of the Latin American Federation of Sugar Workers


Gerardo Iglesias

IUF Latin American Regional Secretary




cc: President of Colombia; Vice President of Colombia; Ministry of the Interior; Ministry of Labor; United Workers Federation (CUT); Amnesty International; Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; Justice and Human Rights Movement of  Porto Alegre (BRAZIL); Global Labour Institute (GLI); SINTRAINAGRO; National Agro-Food Union of Colombia (UNAC); Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (CSA); International Labour Organisation (ILO); International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC); Comisiones Obreras - Spain (CCOO); and General Workers’ Confederation - Spain (UGT).




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