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Denouncing the murder of Daniel Aguirre, General  Secretary of SINALCORTEROS






National Union of Sugarcane Cutters


The National Union of Sugarcane Cutters (SINALCORTEROS) condemns the abominable murder of our general secretary, Daniel Aguirre Piedrahita, perpetrated on the night of Friday, April 27, in Florida, Valle.


Daniel’s murder occurs in a context of widespread intolerance and violence that affects the country, where workers’ and labor rights and freedoms are trampled and trade unions are relentlessly harassed as they struggle against domestic laws that violate ILO conventions, thus contributing to make Colombia the most dangerous country in the world for workers who fight democratically for their rights, and at the same time the most profitable country for financial capitalists and multinational corporations.


Daniel Aguirre participated from very early on in the organization of sugarcane cutters, even before the 2005 strike, he was also involved in the determined struggle against outsourcing, and more recently he worked to secure collective bargaining, as well as being active in the process of unification of rural workers under SINTRAINAGRO, in line with the decision of the United Workers’ Federation (CUT).


In the work stoppages and strikes we had to stage, our compañero Daniel helped with mobilization and organization tasks in workplaces, as well as in the efforts to raise awareness nationally and internationally on our labor conflict, as reported by CUT, Rel-UITA (IUF Latin America), and the National School for Unions, among others.


He was also a leading activist against the Free Trade Agreements that have caused such great harm to the country in general and to national agriculture and industry in particular, but above all to the working class.


SINALCORTEROS demands that the authorities investigate this crime, find the culprits and bring them to justice, and that it provide compensation for the victim’s family.


We call on all workers to share in our repudiation of antiunion violence and to give our full support to the organization of sugarcane cutters and the continuing civil and democratic struggle to achieve sovereignty and democracy for Colombia.


Let us not allow this despicable action of the violent forces in our country hinder our process of labor organization and demands. Let it instead strengthen our collective struggle and civil commitment as guiding principles of our union activities.


SINALCORTEROS extends its most heartfelt condolences to his wife, Helena, his daughters, Lorena, Daniela and Carolina, and all his loved ones.




               Jorge Eliecer Caicedo               Alfonso Viafara 

                      Vice President                             President




Florida, April 27,  2012





Sindicato Nacional de Corteros de Caña


                April 30, 2012





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