SINTRAINAGRO condemns massacre
of civilians in Currulao, Turbo


Banana workers denounce that terrorist groups

are attempting to regain control of Urabá through vicious means, and call for the immediate intervention of the National Government.




The National Union of Agroindustry Workers (SINTRAINAGRO) alerted the authorities last August 22 of the existence of terrorist groups that are seeking to regain military control of the region of Urabá Antioqueño.


After condemning the massacre of seven people in the Indigenous community of Currulao, municipality of Turbo, SINTRAINAGRO denounced that these illegal armed groups have returned to the region with the intention of destabilizing it through mass executions, blackmailing, kidnappings, and extortions directed against the civilian population, which has worked so hard to promote peace and social development.


SINTRAINAGRO warned the National Government that peasants from several areas where being told that these groups were preparing to regain control of the region through violent means. Unfortunately, no measures have been adopted to guarantee the safety of the population, and to date several massacres and selective murders of peasants and banana workers have been committed.


SINTRAINAGRO asked the National Government to immediately intervene to protect the people of Urabá, as they don’t want to continue to be victimized by terrorist groups who are not interested in social development or peace.

SINTRAINAGRO calls on all active forces of Urabá to unite again, as they did in the past, to be able to guarantee and preserve the social development and respect for life that we have fought so hard to defend. “We can’t wait for another massacre to be perpetrated against a defenseless population for the Government to take the necessary measures to defend the life, dignity and property of the citizens, as stipulated by Colombia’s constitution.

The Union extends its solidarity to the families that have been victimized by these terrorist acts, and shares in the pain and sadness that they, along with every honest citizen of this important Colombian region, are feeling today.

Junta Nacional de SINTRAINGRO

august 27, 2007





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