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Democratorship in Honduras

Letter from unionists 
to Latin American Presidents

We are all Honduras


Leaders of 64 unions from twelve Latin American countries, who took part in the 3rd Meeting of the IUF Latin American Federation of Coca Cola workers (FELATRAC) sent a letter to the presidents of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela supporting the decision of not recognizing the government of Porfirio Lobo, nor accepting the readmission of Honduras to the Organization of American States (OAS).  


In the letter, unionists state that upon arrival in Honduras they were informed of the murder of three peasants, members of  MUCA, by gunmen paid by landowners of Bajo Aguán, under the leadership of  Miguel Facussé Barjum, as they intend to seize those lands and plant African oil palm.


The letter also states that in the last few months the persecution of peasants has resulted in ten violent deaths.


In the letter there is reference to an interview with  Berta Oliva, national coordinator of the Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared  (COFADEH). “According to Oliva, during the first six months of  Porfirio Lobo 's government there have been more than one thousand violations of Human Rights:  eight journalists were killed and the estimated number of exiled persons is 127. During such period, the number of violations of human rights was 45 percent higher than during the seven months of   Roberto Micheletti's de facto government”.

Unionists also report in the letter that they have verified the ruthless repression suffered by the teachers' union demonstration, when four persons were hospitalized, and ten detained.


They also state in the letter that they have “a large file about the systematic harassment being suffered by our affiliate, the Union of Beverage and Related Industry Workers (STIBYS), which president, Carlos H. Reyes, is a member of the IUF Executive Committee and one of the main representatives of the struggle for democracy in  Honduras”.


“All this situation is being systematically silenced by the leading local media -- states the letter-- and ignored by a substantial part of the international community, which has taken  Honduras off the agenda”.


Finally, unionists state their strong commitment and support for "your political decision of not recognizing the present government led by Porfirio Lobo and opposing to the readmission of Honduras to the Organization of American States (OAS)”.



From Montevideo, Carlos Amorín


August 23, 2010








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