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"Decent Work,

Decent Life for Women"


Some 450 union delegates from 100 countries will gather in Brussels on Oct. 19-21 for the first ITUC World Women’s Conference to examine the impact of the global employment crisis on women and design an international trade union action plan to improve labor security, wages and working conditions.


The first World Women’s Conference of the International Trade Union Confederation, entitled “Decent Work, Decent Life for Women", will examine how trade unions are taking the lead on economic and social justice and equality.


Sirel spoke with Carolina Llanos, Gender and Equal Opportunities Secretary of the Argentine Union of Rural Workers and Stevedores (UATRE), who will participate in the event in representation of the General Labor Confederation (CGT).


-What are the key topics that will be discussed in the Conference?

-Addressing international labor standards from a gender perspective, decent work, climate change, social security, food security, illiteracy, the rights of migrant women, women as decision-makers and the situation of young women at work and in trade unions are issues all that I would highlight.


Personally, once I’m there, I hope to focus my participation on the issue of food sovereignty. We know from Rel-UITA that the analysis of this issue was a demand brought to the ITUC Executive Board* by Colombia’s Luis Alejandro Pedraza, who, like me, is also a member of our organization’s Latin American Executive Committee.


-What are your expectations?

-This kind of activity is new to me. I hope I can rise to the occasion and represent my country as it deserves to be represented, and come back enhanced, both as a worker and as a woman, to share with rural workers the different experiences that we’ll be living in Brussels this week.


-In your opinion, what does this first women workers’ conference mean?

-It’s essential that we hold this kind of meetings, because that way women workers can share experiences that in the short and medium term contribute to strengthen our struggle for better working and living conditions for women around the world, a struggle that must involve the entire labor movement.




From Montevideo, Amalia Antúnez


October 22, 2009




*  Berlin, October  6-8,  2009


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