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Silvia Villaverde

is awarded distinction


The President of the International Women’s Committee of the IUF, Silvia Villaverde, was recently awarded a distinction for her work in the Equal Opportunity and Treatment at Work Committee, which carries out programs and tasks in the Buenos Aires municipality of Avellaneda.


In a ceremony held on March 14, the government of Buenos Aires honored several women in recognition for their outstanding work for the community.


Interviewed by Sirel, Silvia said, “The award came as a pleasant surprise, as I’ve only recently started working in the Committee, and this recognition made me very happy because I take it as coming from all the men and women who work with me daily.”


“I would also like to thank Gerardo (Iglesias), she continued, “who has played and continues to play a key role in my training process, and who has taught me the value of getting involved in the struggle and having the courage to push forward.”


Legislators, councilpersons, civil association representatives, and provincial government authorities attended the ceremony.


Asked what such a distinction means to her, Villaverde said, “This award is a confirmation that I’m working in the right direction, but above all it reaffirms my commitment to the community and my place in the community. It gives me great pride and fills me with energy to continue working,” she concluded.




From Montevideo, Amalia Antúnez


March 19, 2012





Photo: Darío Falero

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