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Special pensions for workers from the poultry industry


In response to a claim by the Federación Gremial del Personal de la Industria de la Carne (Federation of Unions of the Meat Industry Workers) led by José Alberto Fantini, the Government announced the implementation of a new pension plan, specific for workers from the poultry industry. “This decision should not be seen as a privilege, but rather as a well-deserved right”, said Fantini, who assured that “the Meat Federation requested, over two years ago, that workers be allowed to retire earlier to enjoy a benefit of which they were worthy”

Alberto Fantini


At the meeting held in Paraná, with the presence of the Governor of the Province of Entre Ríos Sergio Urribarri, the Minister of Labor, Carlos Tomada, made the official announcement regarding the new regulatory law. Apart from Fantini, numerous members and leaders of national meat unions were present on behalf of the Federación de la Carne (Meat Federation), in addition to almost one thousand enthusiastic workers from the Province of Entre Ríos, who celebrated the announcement made at the auditorium of the Palacio de Educación (Education Palace).

Regarding the new pension plan that implies benefits for approximately ten thousand workers, the union leader stated that “in my capacity as General Secretary of the union, I am very proud of all this, and would like to thank all those fellow-workers who have devoted their time to this issue, as well as the officials who applied their best efforts in clearing the way for us to be enable this celebration we are having here today. This must be seen as a prize for those who have worked hard on promoting the activity of the poultry industry, in order to make it grow as it has”.

However, besides this significant achievement, Fantini expressed his concern about the serious situation that the red meats sector is undergoing, and asked that those in the value chain “join forces to overcome the current structural problems”. In that sense, the Meat Federation leader said that “it is necessary to make an appeal, to everyone in the chain, for reflection and social responsibility in relation to this issue. We should all - livestock producers, processing plants, the Government and the industry workers - leave aside our differences in search for long-lasting solutions to the underlying problems affecting our activity”.


The Federación Gremial del Personal de la Industria de la Carne y sus Derivados (Federation of Unions of the Meat Industry workers) has over 40,000 members and gathers workers from the red meat and poultry industries grouped into over sixty unions.

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