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The participation of a very large delegation of Brazil’s National Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality Workers (CONTRATUH) at the IUF’s 14th Regional Conference was instrumental in the unanimous decision of the Confederation’s Board of Representatives, gathered on Thursday, Nov. 17, to join our international federation. Moacyr Roberto Tesch Auersvald, president of the Confederation, talks of the importance of this decision.


-The discussion over joining the IUF marked a significant moment in your meeting, right?

-No doubt about it. I’m of the idea that developments only occur when the time is right, when conditions are ready. We went through a process of maturing, of getting to know each other. You participated in this Board meeting and in our 7th National Congress held in Salvador, Bahía last year, and we have been at several events of yours, where we initiated a fruitful dialogue. In this sense, I would like to thank Artur Bueno de Camargo, president of CNTA (National Confederation of Food and Related Industry Workers), who approached us about the IUF on several occasions. This process is the reason why both our Governing Council and our Board of Representatives unanimously approved the decision to join the IUF.


This comes as a great satisfaction to us. We live in a globalized world and CONTRATUH needs to accompany that globalization and globalize its struggle too, taking on new realities and experiences and forging new alliances.


-Your participation in our 14th Regional Conference was a key step towards your joining…

-As we met with you more and more we were able to see how serious the IUF was about its labor agenda, and a great affinity emerged between us. When we were invited to participate in the Mar del Plata Conference, we tried to take as many leaders with us as we could, so that they would see first hand how the IUF conducts its debates, what challenges it faces and how the organization is managed.


Our leaders were very satisfied with what they saw, with your solidarity and the democratic and fraternal way everyone treated us, and that was instrumental in our decision to join.


-You’ve just spoken with Norberto Latorre, who’s very happy with your Confederation’s decision…

-Norberto is a dear friend we met at the Conference. He’s very knowledgeable about our sector, and together with other fellow unionists he heads UTHGRA (Union of Tourism, Hotel and Food Service Workers of Argentina), a union with which we’ve now taken on the challenge of working together in Argentina and Brazil.


Our people also view as very positive the fact that the IUF has decided to lend its support and backing to our campaign against slave work in McDonald's and to the campaign that we’re planning to launch prior to the World Cup that will be hosted by Brazil in 2014, to demand better working conditions, better pay, a reduction of the workday and training for our workers.


I would like to be very clear about something: CONTRATUH will never fight for positions in the IUF. We’re joining as soldiers; we’re coming here to contribute, to help, to collaborate wherever we’re needed. You can count on us for anything.


We warmly salute everyone in the IUF family!




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