In dialogue with Pablo Quiroga


Frank support to what has been done in the past five years


Pablo Quiroga, Administrative Secretary of the Argentinian Federation of Workers of Soft Drinks and Allied (according to its initials in Spanish, FATAGA) and Secretary General of the Latinamerican Federation of Coca Cola Workers (according to its initials in Spanish, FELATRAC), coordinated the Beverages workshop next to Siderlei de Oliveira, President of the CONTAC. Quiroga left us his impressions of the workshops and the Conference itself.


The workshops


The methodology was good because the workshops produced a great participation of the comrades. It was a right decision to make these five workshops prior to the Conference, where there were many questions, opinions and that enriched the debate and exchange a lot.


In our Beverages workshop, we highlight the presence of representatives of Coca Cola Arca and Coca Cola FEMSA. There, apart from listening to their exhibitions, there were comrades from several countries that could raise their local concerns, and thus make them be known at the corresponding levels directly.


The Conference


The overall assessment of the Conference is quite positive because there was a really large attendance of representatives of all the trade unions.


I think the re-election of our comrade Gerardo Iglesias as Regional Secretary, was also important and indicative of the frank support to all the work done in the past five years.


We must also highlight and thank the excellent organization and generosity of the comrades of the Union of Tourism, Hoteliers and Gastronomic Workers of Argentina (according to its initials in Spanish, UTHGRA), which hosted this Conference and, as usual, did everything to make us feel very comfortable and really welcome in every aspect.



Pablo Quiroga, Raúl Álvarez and Alejandro John

From Montevideo, Carlos Amorín


September 21, 2011






Photo: Darío Falero




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