SINTRAINAGRO - “Bitter Banana”

Violation of Collective Bargaining Agreement and labor persecution


An important union delegation, formed by representatives of SINTRAINAGRO, the IUF and CUT, met with authorities of the Ministry of Social Protection..

Yesterday, August 26, Ricardo Andrés Echeverry López, Deputy Minister of Labor Relations at the Ministry of Social Protection, received a Union Committee formed by CUT president Tarsicio Mora Godoy, SINTRAINAGRO president Guillermo Rivera Zapata and a SINTRAINAGRO member from the Apartadó Division, José Luis Flores Pájaro, and IUF – UNAC’s Luis Alejandro Pedraza Becerra.


At the hearing, CUT, IUF and SINTRAINAGRO representatives supported the report of labor persecution and Collective Bargaining Agreement violation committed by Jaime Alberto Ortiz Franco, owner of the banana plantations Doña Francia, Santamaría del Monte and El Chispero.


They also included a new report of violation of the right to unionize, made by SINTRAINAGRO’s Ciénaga-Magdalena Division in connection with actions by management at the banana producer and exporter Banasan, a company owned by Eduardo Diazgranados Abadía.


The Deputy Minister of Labor Relations immediately contacted the alleged violating parties and convened them to an urgent meeting in Bogotá, scheduled for Wednesday, September 2.


The bureau in charge of collective bargaining issues at the Ministry had already called these same business owners to a first hearing, which they refused to attend. Now they have spoken directly with the Deputy Minister and undertook to attend the new meeting.


The union committee announced that a national and international campaign is being organized jointly by the IUF, CUT, UNAC and SINTRAINAGRO, and delivered a copy of the report entitled “Bitter Banana.” They also announced that if no solution is found at the next meeting with the employers, the campaign would be launched along with strikes at the plantations in conflict.


From Bogotá, Luís Alejandro Pedraza


August 31, 2009






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