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STCC Assembly Resolution


Resolution adopted by the Union of Coca-Cola Uruguay Workers' (STCC) Assembly held on April 23, in response to Montevideo Refrescos S.R.L’s proposal to import a one-time only shipment of 700 thousand Coca-Cola cases from Argentina






1.- To reject any attempts to implement systematic import policies, as a way of defending national labor and industry interests;


2.- That before the imported beverage enters the country, the company must guarantee:

a) that all seasonal workers will be maintained on the job for a term of at least three months;

b) that the pending issues on the agenda will be resolved, namely: permanent contracts, temporary contracts, categories, productivity, pre-sale (variable), and interior distribution agreement;


3.- To secure a guarantee, together with the Ministries of Labor and Economy and the National Federation of Beverage Industry Workers (FOEB), that the proposed import operation is in effect a one-time only operation;


4.- To ensure that the sole importer will be Montevideo Refrescos S.R.L. and that the destination will be the Carrasco Plant.


5.- That workers be released from any responsibility for inefficiencies that may occur and for the consequences thereof, for which the company’s management should be held responsible;


6.- To declare that relations with the union at Montevideo Refrescos S.R.L. have been conducted for many years through dialogue and negotiation between the parties and that it was not by any action of the Union that such practice was interrupted. Consequently, the Union proposes that a two-party Monitoring Committee be formed to study and find solutions for the issues of performance and efficiency, as a way of ensuring that the current situation will not be repeated in the future.


Montevideo, April 23,  2009




          30 de abril de 2009





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