Work Pace in Poultry Plants

Union action in Brasilia in support of the workday reduction bill


On Tuesday 10, in Brasilia, there will be a demonstration in order to raise awareness among Federal Deputies to pass the bill submitted by the National Confederation of the Food Industry Workers(CONTAC)  in connection with the reduction of work days and work pace in the meat processing industry, particularly poultry.


“This coming Tuesday 10th –as stated by Sirel Siderlei de Oliveira, president of CONTAC–, nearly 300 workers from different parts of the country will hold this demonstration in front of Palacio da Alvorada to call the attention of authorities, including the President, on the problems being faced by workers and focus their attention on this bill aimed at safeguarding workers' health. This project has been presented to the Chamber of Deputies by its Vice President, deputy Marco Maia, and to the Senate by its member Paulo Paim.


Siderlei clarified that this bill contemplates only workers whose jobs are painfully intense, which may cause severe and permanent physical and psychological damage.


In the case of poultry workers the situation is even more complex than that of telephone or banking workers, and these sectors obtained a work day reduction down to six hours. We wonder: Why not for workers of the poultry industry? This bill has the precedent of other categories, so there is no reason for Congress to oppose it. We hope that this union action on Tuesday 10th achieves its objective and the bill becomes a law soon", he concluded.


From Montevideo, Carlos Amorín


November 9, 2009




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