IUF and FELATRAC continue

to grow in Coca-Cola


New SICO members and national authorities


Following a series of conversations with Coca-Cola–FEMSA workers in the cities of Villavicencio, Department of Meta, and Bogota, the National Union of Beverage Industry Workers of Colombia (SICO) accepted their membership and called for the establishment of the respective divisions in these two cities.


In this way and for the first time ever, both the Latin American Federation of Coca-Cola Workers (FELATRAC) and the IUF itself have members in the labor sector of Coca-Cola Colombia under the franchises operated by FEMSA, as the workers of Coca-Cola / BADUR (Urabá Food and Beverages) work under a franchise that is not owned by the Mexican transnational corporation.


In view of these developments, which strengthen the labor movement, SICO’s National Committee convened a National Assembly to elect a new National Executive Committee and amend the union’s bylaws to allow the membership of food industry workers who have expressed their interest in joining SICO and the IUF.


The National Assembly, held last Sunday, March 1st, approved the amendment to the bylaws and elected the new authorities, with an inclusive criterion, giving participation to the new Villavicencio and Bogota divisions. The new Committee is formed by the following workers:


Julio Padilla: President (Bogota) 

Gabriel Tapias: Vice President (Carepa)

Manuel Roberto Martínez: General Secretary (Bogota)

Pedro Garnica: Fiscal Officer (Villavicencio)


The new Committee promised to hold an assessment and planning meeting within the next few days, to discuss the strategy for the processes of labor relations and union actions in several fronts, and the adoption of an organizational policy to expand the coverage for food and beverage industry.


From Bogotá, Luís Alejandro Pedraza


March 3, 2009




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