With Raúl Rengifo y Daniel Ortiz

Coca Cola unions

break off relations

with the company


The company has offered 74 dollar cents as a daily pay rise


The National Union of the Latin American Bottling plant (according to its initials in Spanish, SINATREL) and the Workers’ Union of the Lindley Corporation Public Limited Company (according to its initials in Spanish, SITRACORLINSA), have not managed to reach a prompt solution regarding their List of Demands, and are getting ready to implement a crackdown in view of the company’s intransigence.


In 1999 Coca Cola bought 49 percent of Inca Kola shares to Lindley Corporation, which has allowed the merger between both companies in Perú and, as a consequence, has put all workers on an equal foot.


Sirel has had a conversation with Raúl Rengifo, general secretary of SINATREL –that gathers 651 workers from: Lima, Trujillo, Cusco and Arequipa-, and with Daniel Ortiz, secretary of Defense of SITRACORLINSA, that represents 300 workers from Lima and Sullana.


-What has caused breaking off relations with the company? 

-Raúl Rengifo: During the last two years the company has given us a 2,03 and a 2,2 dollar pay-rise, and now it only offers 74 dollar cents. We know that the previous Agreements can be improved, but they reject it.


-Daniel Ortiz: Our Union is also negotiating its List of Demands and we have not reached an agreement either. At present we are at a conciliation phase at the Ministry of Labour.


-Are the two Unions participating in this negotiation process?

-Daniel Ortiz: When the merger of Coca Cola and Inca Kola took place, there was a Union in each company. For the moment we are negotiating in a parallel way, though in coordination, since the aims are common to both of them and we are also discussing unification.


-What does the company say?

-Daniel Ortiz: That they are building a mega plant in Trujillo and another one in Atocongo (Lima), and that for this purpose they need the workers’ effort. We now that this investment

will benefit the company, but this must not be a justification for the rejection of our demands.


-Raúl Rengifo: The company has already invested in a huge way into Callao and Arequipa plants and this has not been a reason to affect the workers’ salary. Besides, the production has increased 10 percent compared to last year’s production. The company itself has presented us a chart indicating that in soft drinks we have 76 percent of the market.



-In view of the company’s refusal to negotiate, what is the next step?

-Raúl Rengifo: In case the company keeps its position, we have considered implementing a crackdown.


-Daniel Ortiz: We have been negotiating for months now without having reached a solution. We will have to use our right to go on general strike for an indefinite period of time if the company keeps its laughable offer.





From Lima, Julia Vicuña Yacarine


October 21,  2011





Photo: Julia Vicuña Yacarine


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