With Benancio Aguilar

Strike breaks out at Coca Cola

and Inca Kola





Two Peruvian beverage sector unions are on strike and both concerning the SAA Lindley Corporation companies. Sirel spoke with the Secretary of Defense of the National Federation of Workers of the Food Sector, beverages and allied (according to its initials in Spanish, FNT-CGTP-ABA), Benancio Aguilar, who provided detailed information on the strike initiated by the workers.

-Why have you taken the decision of going on strike at Coca-Cola and Inca Kola?

-The National Union of Workers of Embotelladora Latinoamericana (SINATREL) - of Coca Cola-, comprising 650 affiliated workers, has been on strike since last Monday 28 for a solution to its List of Demands, as well as the Workers’ Union of the Lindley Corporation Public Limited Company (SITRACJORLINSA) - of Inca Kola - with 285 affiliates, who has also been on strike since the same day.


In the case of the companions of Inca Kola, their strike has been authorized by the Ministry of Labour, while that of SINATREL, has been declared inadmissible because supposedly the Union has not complied with all the necessary formalities to legalize the declaration of strike.


In this case it's a simple procedure, since the Union has not formally communicated the appointment of the current Board of Directors.


The company is the same for both unions - José R. Lindley SAA Corporation - and together they represent more than a thousand workers from a total of 3,000 employees at all levels. The Corporation is offering 93 cents daily pay rise, when the collective agreement signed for two years in 2010 stipulates that the increase for this year would be $ 1.90 per day and $ 2.21 per day for the next year.


It is a completely inadequate proposal.


-What actions are planned now in addition to going on with the strike?

-The companions continue with their strike and with the Federation they have requested an urgent meeting with the Minister of Labour. This week we are planning a demonstration of the entire beverage sector towards the headquarters of that State portfolio.



Carlos Amorín


December 5, 2011







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