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Four years of work and struggle

FELATRAC celebrates a new anniversary



The Latin American Federation of Coca-Cola Workers (FELATRAC) was founded on May 6, 2008 in Buenos Aires. In these four years of efforts to develop the organization and take action, the Federation has come out strengthened as an institution and its affiliates have grown steadily in numbers.


FELATRAC has been playing a key role in the consolidation of trade unions that represent workers employed by the transnational corporation Coca-Cola in the region.


Capitalizing on the strength of its 64 affiliate organizations from 12 countries of Latin America, it has positioned itself as a legitimate representative of workers in dealing with the region’s leading Coca-Cola franchises. This is evidenced by the participation of companies such as FEMSA and ARCA at the 14th Latin American Regional Conference of the IUF, held in November 2011 in Mar del Plata, Argentina.


The signing in Nicaragua of a new collective bargaining agreement between the Sole Union of Workers of Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (SUT-INARSA) and FEMSA on May 2, a process supported by FELATRAC, is the best gift the Federation could receive in this anniversary.


FELATRAC still faces a number of challenges, including the absence of trade unions in the Coca-Cola plants of El Salvador and Costa Rica, securing the membership of the four trade unions that exist in Bolivia, and furthering union efforts in Colombia, which are greatly hindered by the lack of labor freedom in that country.


On behalf of the IUF's Latin American Executive Committee, I would like to congratulate FELATRAC president Raúl Álvarez for his determined support and enthusiastic backing throughout these four years, and commend all the members of the Federation for their work.





Gerardo Iglesias
IUF Regional Secretary




From Montevideo, Gerardo Iglesias


May 11, 2012






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