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On July 15, the Sole Union of Workers of Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (SUT-INARSA), of Coca-Cola FEMSA, held a general assembly to inform its members of the progress made in the past year and the union’s financial situation. It also elected the governing committee for a new term.


More than 300 of the 439 members of the union gathered under large awnings set up in front of the SUT-INARSA offices, at the Coca-Cola FEMSA central plant in Managua, and listened attentively to a report by Noé Morales, secretary of work affairs.


Among the work gains achieved over the last twelve months, Morales highlighted that 12 workers from the sales and production areas who had been employed under temporary and outsourced contracts were hired for an indefinite period, that changes were made in the work processes in the loading area, and that training activities and seminars were now held for workers every two months on a range of issues.


In addition, Morales explained that the union had signed the new collective bargaining agreement, achieving a 22 percent increase for a total value of almost US$ 2.3 million, as well as a raise of 7.5 percent in average and of 12 percent for production workers over 50 years old.


Other gains achieved by the union include a task restructure in the sales area, the forming of 12 management-worker committees to defend workers from threatened dismissal (10 of which achieved successful results), a job and salary restructure in the production area, and the transferring of several workers from production to sales.


The report also detailed the progress in social issues and health assistance.


“It was hard work, but we did everything in our power to obtain the most benefits for the workers and to defend their rights. Now we have to follow up on that effort, and that’s going to be a challenge for the union’s new governing committee,” Morales said, expressing the union’s appreciation for the constant support provided by the United Federation of Food Workers of Nicaragua (FUTATSCON) and the IUF, both represented at the assembly by Marcial Cabrera.


After the presentation of the financial report, which was delivered by the union’s secretary of women’s affairs, Azalia Flores, the general assembly unanimously voted to elect the outgoing governing committee for a new term.


“We should take pride in being workers and continuing our efforts to strengthen the union, raise worker morale and defend our jobs. My aim is for young people to prepare themselves so that in the near future they can take over the union’s direction,” said Daniel Reyes, who was reelected to the position of general secretary of SUT-INARSA.


Reyes took the opportunity to remind his fellow unionists that their struggle was a struggle to defend their labor rights from the company’s attacks, to stop management from taking decisions that affect workers without first consulting the union, and to pressure Coca-Cola FEMSA into renewing its production lines and truck fleet. He also called on workers to carry out their duties.


“We’re going to pressure until all these demands are met, and we know we can always count on the support of the Latin American Federation of Coca-Cola Workers (FELATRAC),” Reyes concluded.


 Daniel Reyes


 Marcial Cabrera

 Azalia Flores

From Managua, Giorgio Trucchi


July 16, 2012





Photo: Giorgio Trucchi


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