FEMSA spoils the collective negotiation
in Limeira (S
ão Paulo)

After strong outsourcing in the distribution center of Cosmopolis, this company expects workers to sign a less favorable collective bargaining agreement than the one signed by the workers of the industrial plant.


Artur Bueno de Camargo, president of the National Confederation of Food and Related Workers (CNTA) of Brazil, reported that the collective bargaining process for the FEMSA - Coca Cola industrial plant of Jundiai, began on 1st March, as planned. “It was not until July that the company made a proposal of a 6 percent salary increase, a bonus of 200 Brazilian (equivalent to USD 122) and the elimination of the hours bank, which is an old union demand”.


Historically, the agreements reached at Jundiai have been extended to the distribution center of the company, located in the city of Cosmopolis, where there is a local branch of the Union of Food Workers of Limeira. This time, however, the company has refused to such extension and intends to maintain the hours bank and not to agree to the 200 reais bonus.


In the words of Artur, “We held a workers’ meeting at the entrance of the company at Cosmopolis, where workers approved a motion to demand that FEMSA applies the same proposal as Jundiai. Then, today we are notifying the company that this is the stance of workers and we will go on fighting for the respect of all the conditions of previous collective agreements".


If, after the official notification about this demand of the workers of Cosmopolis, the company does not apply the agreements of Jundiai, the union “will take all other necessary action such as convening the company to the Regional Labor Office, and, if they still refuse, the case will be taken to the Regional Labor Court”, announced Artur Bueno.



Carlos Amorín


15 August 2008




Photo: Rel-UITA

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