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Outsourcing is cut out at

Embotelladora Central



A campaign of the Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (according to its abbreviation in Spanish, STECSA),

has the aim to reduce outsourcing to the minimum.


Recently, by means of a successful bargaining, 35 workers of the warehouse department were made permanent. Together with the industrial and maintenance area, the warehouse department is the one with the greatest majority of outsourced positions.


Without including the security service composed by 138 workers, a number of 80 positions are outsourced at Embotelladora Central.


On to different matters, it is important to highlight that workers and administrative assistants of Embotelladora Central are around 1270 workers, among which 968 are affiliated to the Union, waiting for the incorporation of 36 new affiliates.


The campaign of STECSA and its achievements adds up to the situation in Montevideo Beverages in Uruguay (Montevideo Refrescos, in Spanish), where the Coca Cola Workers Union (according to its abbreviation in Spanish, the STCC), has managed to make 199 workers who used to be outsourced become permanent.



Gerardo Iglesias


30 de junio de 2011





Foto: Gerardo Iglesias


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