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Union achieves wage settlement in  Coca Cola

Coca Cola FEMSA workers from Cosmópolis in São Paulo have approved in an assembly carried out on May 31, the offer of the Work Collective Agreement 2011-2012, as a result of the negotiation between the company and the Food Union of Limeira, SP.  


Thanks to this agreement, the workers will have a wage adjustment of between 7 and 12 percent.


Apart from the PLR (according to its abbreviation in Spanish, the Participation in the Profit and Results of the Company) in the agreements achieved in 2010, the workers have also obtained an adjustment of Food Allowance of 26,3 percent, going from 95 reales to 120 reales (from 60 to 75 dollars aproximately).


The rest of the benefits negotiated by the Union have been maintained, like: Health Agreement, School Objects, Basic Basket, Special Allowance for Disabled Children, etc.


The moment stipulated for the collective bargaining of these workers is March; however, the agreement is about to be signed only now, due to the intransigence of the company during the negotiation process.


Strong action of the Union was necessary, in the eyes of the company, in order to achieve the improvement of the workers’ salaries, apart from obtaining an adjustment in the Food Allowance. Now the company will have to pay the differences retroactive to 1 March.


The Union appreciates the comprehension of the workers, who waited for and supported the negotiation.


The company tried to defeat us by fatigue, but the workers proved they are organized and trust the Union.

Artur Bueno Junior

Rel-UITA | STIA-Limeira

June 9, 2011





Photo: STIA-Limeira


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