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AmBev Unions form State Commission



Last July 17, six São Paulo unions gathered to form the State Commission of AmBev workers (COTAESP). The headquarters of the Federation of Food Industry Workers of São Paulo (FTIASP) was the place chosen by delegates of the Jaguariúna, Jundiaí, Guarulhos, Mogi Mirim, Jacareí and Agudos plants to establish the commission.


The COTAESP is created in the framework of a line of action defined by the IUF in the International Strategy Workshop of InBev Trade Unions* and the 13th Regional Latin American Conference of the IUF**. The first activity created the National (Brazilian) Commission of AmBev Workers, and the Regional Conference unanimously approved the establishment of the Latin American Federation of AmBev Workers.


Among the objectives set by the COTAESP is to contribute to dignify work in AmBev, to put an end to moral harassment, and to actively participate in the negotiations of every collective bargaining agreement in the State of São Paulo.


More recently, last August 23, the COTAESP’s negotiating committee met with IUF Regional Secretary Gerardo Iglesias, who, among other issues, highlighted the solidarity and support that AmBev workers of Argentina received from CNTA and CONTAC, both affiliates of the IUF in Brazil. 

Carlos Amorín

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August 28, 2007





*São Paulo, November 13 and 14, 2005.

**Santo Domingo, October 2-6, 2006.


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