ITF Fishery Workers & IUF Latin America

Joint Meeting approves important
regional coordination agreement


On November 29 and 30, the Regional Planning Meeting of the Latin American Fishery Sector was held in Buenos Aires, called jointly by the organizations affiliated to the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the IUF Latin American division, Rel- UITA. One of the meeting’s resolutions was to form National Coordination Committees among the sector’s organizations affiliated to both international federations.



The event was hosted by the United Labor Organization of Sea Workers (SOMU) of Argentina, represented by its general secretary, Omar Enrique Suárez, along with Mario Morato, Oscar Ortiz, Jorge Vargas and Ernesto Caridad, who received the other delegations in SOMU’s spacious and comfortable convention center.


Also participating from Argentina were Ricardo Iglesias, of the naval electricians’ and engineers’ union, SEEN; Juan Carlos Pucci, Jorge Bianchi, Mario Galano and Fernando Nelly from the organization of fishery and navigation officers and foremen, CPOFPCM; Marcos Castro, Paul Medina and Jorge Tiravassi, of the sea captains’ and merchant marine officers’ organization, CCUOMM; and Gustavo Mujica and Eduardo Moyatti, of the center of naval engineer officers, CJOMN.


Attending from Brazil were Siderlei de Oliveira, of the National Confederation of Food Workers (CONTAC), and Paulo Botelho, of the Río Grande Food Industry Workers’ Union (STIA-RG).


Representing Chile were Alex Cancino Opazo, of the Chilean Fishery Workers’ Confederation (CONTRAPECH); Eric Ruffo, of the merchant marine mechanists’ union, SIOMMMN; Juan Villalón, of the shipping company workers’ union, SITRIEMP, and Arturo Arteaga, of the union of fishing ship crewmembers.


In representation of Peru were Juan Pedemonte and Luis Alberto Ulloa, respectively general and organizational secretaries of the Union of New Vessel Fishermen of Peru (SUPNEP); Segundo Yapen, of the union of fishery ship machinists and engineer officers of Peru, SUMOPP, and Miguel Flores, of the Federation of Fishery Captains and Foremen of Peru.


Armandina Cedeño, for her part, participated on behalf of the Union of Sea Workers of Ecuador (UTDEME).


Also present were Jon Whitlow, Secretary of the Seafarers’ Section of the ITF, accompanied by Antonio Fritz and Luiz de Lima of ITF Americas.


Gerardo Iglesias, IUF regional secretary for Latin America, participated in representation of Rel-UITA.


Together, this numerous and qualified group examined the current situation of each organization and the general crisis that is affecting the industry region-wide. They also worked in small groups, trying to identify common areas where the different organizations can join efforts in each country, taking into account that one of the major limitations detected by the meeting was the fragmentation of the labor movement in the sector.


Very thorough material, including statistical data and videos, was presented at the meeting, and discussed among the participants, enabling them to draw significant conclusions that were gathered in a common document, emphasizing the sector’s most pressing issues, and establishing as a top priority the need to ensure the sustainability of fishing resources, standardizing and controlling catches to eliminate the current depredation.


In addition, the meeting expressed its support to the World Solidarity Campaign with El Salvador Calvo Group workers organized in SGTIPAC, which is being promoted by Rel-UITA



In Buenos Aires, Carlos Amorín
© Rel-UITA
December 3, 2007




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