With Daniel Reyes, SUT-INARSA

Coca Cola FEMSA wants to

restructure and outsource

the Sales Area"

Alarm call of SUT-INARSA faced with the outsourcing moves of this transnational corporation

The sudden decision of Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (Coca Cola FEMSA) of implementing a restructuring plan of the Sales Area has triggered the concern of the National Union of Workers of the Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (SUT-INARSA). According to Daniel Reyes, union general secretary, behind these manoeuvers, there is a corporate plan to cut costs and eliminate routes, as well as outsourcing that area.


-What is happening with Industria Nacional de Refrescos SA (Coca Cola FEMSA)?

-A couple of weeks ago the company submitted with the union a proposal to restructure the routes, we immediately realized that the real purpose is to outsource some market areas.


Also, we explained the company that it was not the time to beginning running the project, because of the continuous rain and the serious environmental disaster situation of the country, which has caused a fall in sales of approximately 2 percent.


However, our comments were ignored and a pilot plan was launched for one week, which results were disastrous.


-What were the problems?

-There was much confusion among customers and sales went down 5 percent, seriously affecting workers' income in this area.


We have held another meeting with the company to assess the results of the pilot plan and we faced a totally unyielding attitude.


The stated that the restructuring process will continue with or without union consent, which will be extended to all routes.


This reveals the real intent of Coca Cola FEMSA, of eliminating routes and replace them with outsourced persons in order to cut costs.


There are already studies being carried out in same neighbourhoods of Managua. The company wants to create branches and supply small customers through third parties.


We are not against a restructure, but it needs to be an appropriate plan, consistent with our reality, with the union approval, without outsourcing and aimed at improving our market.


-What has been the reaction of SUT -INARSA?

-We explained that we will not accept this plan because it is not a good time and an elimination of routes should not be contemplated, nor a worsening of the economic situation of workers.


Also, we warned that if the plan goes on we will be forced to take action to stop it. Anything which may happen will be the company's responsibility.


This is why we are bringing this report to the international level and we ask the IUF and its member unions of the FELATRAC to be alert for what could be happening in the coming days. 


From Managua, Giorgio Trucchi


October 4, 2010




Fotos: Giorgio Trucchi

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