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With Linares Díaz Cabral

New collective bargaining agreement signed

“Another step forward”



The Autonomous Union of BEPENSA-Coca-Cola Workers (SATRABECO) recently signed a new collective bargaining agreement, effective for a year as from last July 2012


In dialogue with Sirel, Linares Díaz Cabral, general secretary of the union, observed that while the situation is still far from perfect, great strides have been made with respect to past years.


“In addition to the general wage increase of 5.5 percent, a number of social clauses were improved,” he said.


“The most outstanding gain, and also one of the goals the union had set for itself when it sat down to negotiate, was getting management to acknowledge our labor organization and to consult us every time the company decides to implement any kind of action that concerns workers.”


“Also,” Díaz Cabral continued, “we obtained an increase in the percentage of participation in the company’s income and several gains for the Sales sector, which is one of the most disadvantaged in terms of wages and long workdays, with no overtime pay.”


SATRABECO successfully negotiated extra pays for night shifts and improvements in sales commissions, although we’re still negotiating a wage increase that adequately matches the task performed and the hours put in by our fellow workers in that sector,” he explained.


With respect to the collective bargaining process the union leader noted that “the negotiations went smoothly, without any major problems, and BEPENSA–Coca Cola representatives even followed the reports published on the Rel-UITA site, which I think helped streamline the process.”


“We would also like to thank the Latin American Federation of Coca-Cola Workers (FELATRAC) and our international organization (the IUF) for making the Collective Bargaining Workshop headed by Bernabel Matos possible,” Díaz Cabral concluded.




From Montevidéu, Amalia Antúnez


August 17, 2012





Photo: Bernabel Matos


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