An agreement in principle defuses the conflict

Successful negotiation
in the Beverage Sector

Yesterday, after the occupation of the Coca Cola plant came to an end, there was a preliminary agreement which will be submitted to the general meeting of the Beverage Federation. Its approval is expected, in which case the agreement will be signed on Thursday 4.


Last night, as requested by the Ministry of Labor, the  Union of Coca Cola Workers (STCC) put an end to the occupation initiated in the small hours the day before.


Today in the morning there was a tripartite meeting with representatives of the companies, the Federation of Beverage Workers and Employees (FOEB) and the National Labor Authority (DINATRA).


In a conversation with Sirel , Gustavo Sotelo, President of STCC stated “There is concrete progress. We, as representatives of the Federation, who took part at the meeting understood that the changes introduced by company representatives were satisfactory.


Now, the new text of the agreement reflects exactly the agreements reached before the introduction of the clauses which brought about the conflict. The four items of our demands were accepted, so now we need to wait for the General Meeting tomorrow at noon, where this is going to be considered".


Everything seems to indicate that the Agreement will be accepted, and it might even be considered positive for the special milestone of having eleven non-cumulative supplementary days of leave for women.


In Montevideo, Carlos Amorín
November 2, 2010





Photo: Gustavo Villarreal



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