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  Switzerland - Geneva



WRM and IUF sign important agreement


19-3-2007   Switzerland - Geneva
Agrofuels at issue (I)
Global Meeting of African Palm Workers


CONTAC denounces situation in Brazilian poultry plants
IUF World Women’s Conference

By Siderlei de Oliveira



Enrique Ramos


Dairy Industry in Argentina 2006 | Report to the 25th Congress of the IUF



Voices and Images

of the 25th Congress


... I see an IUF providing political training for all its union leaders, so they may unite in every country of the world and participate in politics, in order to better defend our workers. This Congress, organizing for power, has met all expectations, and I think all of us here, all the workers and union leaders that have participated, leave filled with the hope that labor will occupy a predominant position in the world, with dignity for workers everywhere.

Gerónimo Venegas

UATRE - Argentina


This congress has been very interesting, as we achieved a significant level of participation; in particular I found the Women’s Conference very stimulating, bringing together women from countries from around the world to analyze and discuss the problems suffered by women in the different regions. As for the congress itself, it is an opportunity for IUF affiliates to intensify our efforts in each region, as it provides a fundamental space for the members of our organizations to defend the rights of unionized workers.


Adela Torres

Sintrainagro - Colombia


We must strengthen and intensify the struggle for agrarian reform, while at the same time implementing actions to advocate for and support family farming, preserve the environment, combat rural violence and impunity, and achieve decent working conditions. I want to highlight in particular the IUF’s and Sweden’s Lo-Tco’s solidarity in support of the “Campaign Against Rural Violence” in Brazil. This campaign has brought to the attention of the international community the persecution suffered by our union leaders, the situation of rural laborers’ organizations, and the human rights abuses, which herald the irresponsible progress of the prevailing model of production. 

Alberto Broch

CONTAG - Brazil


This past March 16 and 17, we held the IUF Women’s Conference, from which we have come out very satisfied because the 40 percent quota for participation of women, which was established in 2002, was finally made effective in this Congress through a resolution that stipulates sanctions for unions that fail to meet the quota; another issue discussed was the need to have programs and plans for the unionization of women, to achieve a more active involvement of women in unions.

Susana Cesari

UTHGRA - Argentina


This is the first time that CONTRACS participates in an IUF Congress. It has been a first opportunity for us to learn about the causes that the IUF defends throughout the world. Each day we discussed very important issues such as sexual abuse, occupational diseases, exploitation of workers, slave and child labor, etc. For us it has been a very rich space to deepen the debate and learn about the situations of other countries, towards strengthening this struggle, which must be global.

Lucilene Binsfeld



While all the issues discussed are important, the achievements attained by women in the 25th Congress of the IUF are quite significant: we obtained the 40 percent quota for the participation of women in Conferences and in the Executive Committee, in which, in fact, there are two women; in the Women’s Conference, one of the main issues dealt with was repetitive stress injuries (RSI) suffered by women workers. We have multiplied the support for CONTAC’s National Occupational Health Campaign here, incorporating into our struggle fellow workers from countries that import products from the chicken packing industry, where the majority of RSI cases are concentrated.

Geni Dalla Rosa

CONTAC - Brasil


“This Congress has had the particularity of delving deeply into a great deal of the issues that have to do with the neoliberal model imposed on the world, analyzing employment casualization, migrant workers, and outsourcing and its effects on the labor movement, and moving increasingly closer to the interests of the people.”

Carlos Reyes
STIBYS - Honduras


“We don’t want women beside or behind men. We struggle so that men and women, women and men, will have equal standing in the workplace, in trade unions and their governing structures, and in particular in collective bargaining processes.”


Silvia Villaverde, president of the IUF’s International Women’s Committee




       Photographs: Adela Torres, Marcelo Ponce y Gerardo Iglesias

25th IUF Congress                                                                           


Palm Oil Workers Global Meeting                                               18.03.07



The IUF Women´s Conference                                                 16-17.03.07


The 8th IUF Women’s Conference gathered 81 participants from 49 affiliated organizations and 6 guests/observers.










The 8th IUF Women’s Conference was inaugurated by its secretary general, Ron Oswald, and the president of the Conference, Silvia Villaverde, who also presides the IUF Women’s Committee. The secretary general called on the delegates to turn into “key drivers of change” and "to accelerate the pace to reach a more equal gender balance in all IUF structures.”


With respect to other important issues, the Conference agreed to urge the 25th Congress of the IUF to back the campaign of Brazilian union organizations aimed at preventing repetitive stress injuries in the poultry industry.


The second day opened with presentations on the current situation in the hotel industry, with special reference to the negative impact of outsourcing and a description of the IUF Women’s Manual.


The Conference also discussed proposals for amendments to strengthen the participation of women in the IUF’s Congress and Executive Committee. The proposals were seconded by an overwhelming number of delegates and the women members of the Administrative Committee were specifically entrusted with requesting the Administrative Committee/Resolutions Committee to support these amendments.





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