With David Morales

STECSA in permanent mobilization


The Union of Workers of Embotelladora Central SA (STECSA) has stepped up its protest actions nationwide, demanding that Coca-Cola FEMSA abandon its dilatory tactics in the negotiations for the new collective bargaining agreement and drop the measures that  jeopardize the rights gained by the workers.




“In the last few days, the protest actions have involved workers from every shift in the production and sales areas at the central plant of the Guatemalan capital.”


“The mobilizations also include marches in the streets around the central plant and have spread across the country, involving department agencies,” David Morales, general secretary of the Trade Union Federation of Food, Agroindustry and Related Industry Workers of Guatemala (FESTRAS), told Sirel.


Morales explained that STECSA still demands that Coca-Cola FEMSA abandon its intention to implement measures that jeopardize work stability and wage guarantees, and to introduce a presales model and dynamic routing.


This system means that sales sector workers will have a variable salary, that is, they will be paid a basic salary and a commission on the sales they make. They currently earn a fixed amount for every crate of soft-drinks they sell, but the percentage offered by the company now is less than that amount. Dynamic routing entails changes in the distribution routes, which could mean loss of jobs.


As workers, we are defending our constitutional right to collective bargaining, and we’re making ourselves heard on a national and international level through these protests that are increasing daily in intensity.



This would jeopardize the very existence of the union in the short term,” the union leader said.


As a result of management’s intransigent and dilatory attitude, last February 21 negotiations for the new collective bargaining agreement were suspended. STECSA had no other choice but to initiate a series of protest activities, which are being coordinated nationally and internationally with FESTRAS, FELATRAC and Rel-UITA (IUF Latin America).


“As workers, we are defending our constitutional right to collective bargaining, and we’re making ourselves heard on a national and international level through these protests that are increasing in intensity every day.”


“If Coca-Cola FEMSA does not reconsider its position and refuses to resume negotiations responsibly, it will be force us into a strike. It would be a long and draining process, but we’re preparing ourselves for any situation we may have to face,” Morales said.


Forty-eight of the 85 clauses proposed by management and the union had been approved before the negotiations were suspended, but agreement had not been reached on the issues most critical for the future of labor relations in the company.


STECSA is asking management to ratify what is already contemplated in the collective bargaining agreement: the rights gained over many years of struggle. Once that is secured, the union will dialogue with management for wage improvements,” Luch said.



From Guatemala City, Giorgio Trucchi


March 21, 2012





Photo: Giorgio Trucchi


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