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DOUX Group

With Arlete Beatriz Schmitz

“We’re very concerned over the huge number of workers affected, and we see no immediate solution”


Doux, the French transnational corporation that owns the Frangosul group in Brazil, is facing serious economic problems, generating great concerns among labor and increasing work instability. Sirel spoke with Arlete Beatriz C. Schmitz, president of the Union of Food Industry Workers of the city of Caxias do Sul, where Doux has a processing plant.


-How many people are employed at Doux in Caxias do Sul?

-About 860 workers distributed in three shifts.


-Can you tell us about the problems the workers at this transnational corporation have been facing in recent weeks?

-The leading problem has been the failure to pay the workers known as “fasoneros” or “integrated producers,” who produce independently to supply the plant using means of production owned by the corporation.


In the industrial sector there’s a delay in payments of the Share in Profits and Results program. They should have been paid by January 30, 2011 and have been postponed to May 20.


The workers are very concerned over this, and this problem is aggravated by the company’s announcement that it will be sending workers on involuntary collective leave due to a lack of raw material for the sausage production division.


-Were there any delays in the payment of wages?

-Not for the time being, no. The delay has been in payments to integrated producers and to certain transportation divisions and the pork division.


-What actions have been taken and what has the union done?

-With respect to the transportation division, the workers belong to a different category, so our union has not been involved as such.


As for the integrated producers, there was a two-day work stoppage in the city of Montenegro, which resulted in activities being suspended for two days at the poultry processing plant due to lack of raw material.


-Have you been in contact with management? 

-Yes. They argue that they’re currently undergoing a very bad economic situation and they cannot apply for a loan to cover their debts.


They told us they expected to see an improvement in their situation by mid April, but so far we haven’t seen any changes. In the union, we’re very concerned over the huge number of workers affected, and we see no immediate solution.


From Porto Alegre, Gerardo Iglesias


April 26, 2011





Foto: Gerardo Iglesias


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