CNTA Letter to Ajinomoto CEO




National Confederation of Food

and Related Industry Workers




Brasilia, November 16, 2009


Board of Directors of





Dear Sir,



We are writing you to REPUDIATE the decision adopted by the management of Ajinomoto’s Limeira Plant in São Paulo, Brazil, whereby it refuses to hear the demands put forward by the plant’s workers, and the company’s continued efforts to prevent the Union from exercising its legitimate right to hold assemblies with the workforce.


For the past two years the workers have seen their demands consistently ignored, with local Management denying any possibility of negotiation.


In a Meeting held on November 13, 2009 at the Regional Labor Office (Regional Labor and Employment Bureau of Sorocaba), the company was categorical in its unwillingness to negotiate, exhibiting a marked antiunion attitude.


The company’s stance is antiunion because it opposes a decision adopted by the category’s workers gathered in assembly and goes against the will of the workers who legitimately decided that their demands be put forward by the Union, the maximum legal representative of the sector, thus clearly violating the PRINCIPLE OF FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION enshrined in ILO Convention 98 and established under Article 511 of Brazil’s Labor Code (CLT).


The actions of the Limeira plant managers also violate principles protected by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Brazil in its Article 1, paragraphs III and IV, demonstrating complete disregard and a total lack of respect for the workers’ labor and constitutional rights.


Artur Bueno de Camargo

CNTA President




       CNTA - Confederación Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de la Alimentación y Afines


              16 de noviembre de 2009








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